love orillia

Greetings in the precious name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Imagine a thousand Christians swarming together to love Orillia. Picture the believers from your church blessing Orillia by cleaning up a local park, painting the women's shelter, mowing the lawn for a shut-in, running a community basketball tournament, or other practical projects. Think about the impact this would have on sinners and saints alike. Consider the honour and glory that would be brought to Christ as acts of loving kindness are done in His name.

Now, imagine hundreds of thousands of Christians across our nation swarming together to love Canada ... a tide of good works from sea to sea. From May 26 to June 10 the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada is calling the Church together in a campaign known as Celebration.

In response to the EFC initiative, OADAC would like to suggest "LOVE ORILLIA" days can be held by all churches and para-church groups.

• Each local church identifies a practical "love" project that will take place throughout the day.

• if a common date is set by OADAC for an annual Love Orillia day, all of the participating churches will join together for a celebration concert.

These ideas are intended to be a resource for your church, giving a basic starting point in the selection process.

1. Volunteer at the Lighthouse Men's Shelter

2. Run a one day arts festival

3. Basic car repairs for seniors or single moms, i.e. oil changes

4. Free cooking classes

5. Paint the local woman's shelter

6. Have a neighborhood block party

7. Clean up a park

8. Sing in the mall

9. Remove graffiti from a neighborhood

10. Mow lawns for free

11. Assist police officers or fire fighters on a project

12. Give provisions to the homeless

13. Distribute food baskets to the needy

14. Parking meter feeding

15. Offer drinks at biking and hiking trails

16. Appreciation barbecue for police officers, fire fighters and EMT's

17. Free trash pick-up

18. Newspaper giveaway

19. Grocery bag packing

20. Grocery cart escort and return

21. Shopping assistance for shut-ins and for disabled

22. Single parent house repair

23. Free window washing, at self service gas bar

24. Free eaves trough cleaning

25. Free yardwork and garden work

26. Free outdoor painting

27. Free dog washing

28. Free car wash

29. Free barbecue

30. Free bike repair clinic

31. Free car interior cleaning and vacuuming

32. Free pancake breakfast

33. Free yard sale

34. Sweep streets in the downtown area

35. Do drama by the downtown bus station

36. Free stamp giveaway in front of post office

37. Outreach golf tournament

38. Ball hockey tourney

39. Restroom cleaning

40. Garage cleaning

We encourage each church to select an outreach that makes sense for the context of your church. You may find that your church may want to do 2 or more random acts of kindness. Different ministries may want to select their own way of reaching out to their community.